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We offer safe, high-quality laboratory services (blood tests, bloodwork, etc.). We will draw the blood at our office and perform many of the tests at our office. This means that you will have the results more quickly and they will generally cost less than if performed at the hospital. Some tests cannot be processed on our equipment and the blood is therefore sent out to another lab called Quest Diagnostics. If your lab results are normal, you will be notified by mail within two weeks. If your results are abnormal, you will receive a call from our office. Please call our office at (270) 765-5926 if you have not heard from us within two weeks.


We also offer in house x-rays. Rather than going to the hospital for x-rays, we can perform these at our office saving you time and money. The provider evaluates the x-ray while you wait giving you a diagnosis immediately. All x-rays are then sent out to be read by a radiologist for added assurance.

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